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Leather Bookmarks
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Chinese Peace Love Happiness

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For a low cost, we offer branded gift boxes to give your order a store bought look. During the checkout process, there will be a comment area where you can leave your message for your gift card as well. We will also make sure that a gift receipt is included and will not show pricing.

Leather Bookmarks.

Available only through our web site. Handcrafted from our highest quality leather and beautifully embossed with words, phrases and designs. When placed in your favorite book, our signature serpentine beads dangle from the pages keeping your place. One of our most unique items, always a great gift!

Want a one of a king gift? Look at our
Personalized Leather Bookmarks!

Please note when choosing colors: The embossed lettering is a dark brown to black therefore, the lettering will not "pop out" as much on the darker colors. The darker leather colors will offer a rich, classic look while the brighter colors will offer a higher contrast, more modern look, - enjoy!

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All designs can be viewed by clicking on the "View designs"
tab to the left. then select the design from the drop down box below

Step 2

View your color choices in the "view colors" tab them Select you color below

Price: 18.00 Qty.

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Proudly handcrafted to order in Hollywood California, U.S.A.