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Handwritten Leather bracelets


Shiny or Matte Black Distressed Brown Saddle / Tan Slate Grey
Vanilla Teal Blue Aquamarine Ice Blue
Leaf Green Kiwi Deep Red Bubble Gum
Deep Red Hot Pink Metallic Gold Metallic Silver
Women's -8" length, closes to 6.5" - 3/4" width
offered with or without beads.

Women's long or men's - 9" length closes
to 7.5" - 3/4" width , offered with or without beads at closure
Women's long or men's - 9" length closes
to 7.5" - 3/4" width , offered with or without beads at closure

beads at closure

Beads at closure

Its as easy as:

  1. POINT
  2. SHOOT
  3. EMAIL images@dillonrogers.com

Designing is as simple as taking a picture with your phone and emailing it to us, that's it!

Detailed Instructions:

Using a white piece of paper and a fine to medium point felt marker (do NOT use a ball point pen, the lines are too thin to reproduce) write out your message. Please keep in mind the usable ares of the bracelet .6" wide x 4.5" long. Make sure that your text is not too small to read and that your design is not too detailed and that your lines are not too thin

When your design is complete, using your cell phone, take a picture of the entire bottom portion of the completed template. Make sure that the image is in focus and taken straight on. Don't worry if the image is too dark or too light, or if the image is not centered properly, we can adjust for these issues.

Please include your order number and email address. Email the photo to: images@dillonrogers.com

It’s that easy

Please note: It may be necessary for us to make small design changes in order for your design to fit on the bracelet properly. If large changes are necessary, we will contact you for approval.

If at any time you need help, you can always call us at 323-525-1964

The Dillon Rogers Team.


For a low cost, we offer branded gift boxes to give your order a store bought look. During the checkout process, there will be a comment area where you can leave your message for your gift card as well. We will also make sure that a gift receipt is included and will not show pricing.

Hand written Personalized Lather Bracelets

Create a one-of-a-kind, handwritten, personalized leather bracelet! Exclusively offered at Dillon Rogers.com

Write a message, use a favorite quote, a name, or draw a doodle for someone special! Time to get creative, make it cool!

We will identically transfer your actual handwritten message onto the bracelet of your choice. Men's or women's lengths. Up to 3 lines of text, you may also draw a picture, write your signature, have your kids make something cool!

Simply write out your message, take a picture with your cell phone and email it to us. Yes, it's really that easy! For detailed instructions, Click the "View Instructions" tab at the (top center of page)

General description of your bracelet design, this -
allows us to match the order with the graphic image that you email us.
(just include a brief description or the 1st few words of the design)
Priced 65.00 ea. Qty.
We offer gift boxes- Click the "View Gift Boxes" tab for details
Yes - please gift box this item + $2.50
No gift box

Proudly handcrafted to order in Hollywood California, U.S.A.

This item is personalized to your specifications and
is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. See our policy page for details.