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Shiny or Matte Black Distressed Brown Saddle / Tan Slate Grey Vanilla Teal Blue
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Thin width,
overall dimensions: 8" x 3/8"- Closes to 6 1/2"

Medium width -
overall dimensions: 8" X 3/4" Closes to 6 1/2

Women's long or men's

Women's long or men's - thin width,
overall dimensions: 9" x 3/8", Closes to 7 1/2"

Women's long or men's - medium (no beads)
overall dimensions: 9" x 3/4" Closes to 7 1/2"


We recommend using the linked site below for coordinate look-up but there are many other sites available.
If you prefer, simply enter the address and zip code and we will find it for you. if the exact location is not
known, enter the state and town.

Click here for Latitude and longitude lookup

After you enter your address, state or country, scroll down and the results will look similar to what's below , we use the GPS, minutes and seconds style
style of so desired, Simply copy either line and paste it to the box on our site.

GPS Coordinates

34° 3' 59.3352'' N
118° 21' 7.3404'' W


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Latitude and longitude personalized leather bracelets.

Handcrafted from our highest quality leather and beautifully engraved with your global coordinates, latitude and longitude of your choice. The perfect way to remember that special location of where the magic happened. Now you can immortalize that special place with a personalized bracelet. One of our most unique items, always a great gift!

Step 1:
Step 2:

Step 3:
Step 4:

There are a couple of ways to send us your latitude and longitude information. The most simple way is to enter the address of your location below, we will do the rest. If you do not know the exact address, just enter as much as you know like the city and state. To look up your own coordinates, click on the "How to find coordinates" tab located at the top center of the page (or the link below) and follow directions. of follow the link below.

Click here for Latitude and longitude lookup
Scroll down and choose the GPS coordinates in the center column. Simply cut and paste in in the box below

Please note, we use the GPS minutes and seconds format not the decimal format, this means that directions like "N" for North and "S" for South will be shown

Priced by width,
Thin: $38.00ea.
Medium: $42.00ea.


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