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Leather Word Bracelets

The basic meanings can be found in the "Designs" drop down box
Shiny or Matte Black Distressed Brown Saddle / Tan Slate Grey
Vanilla Teal Blue Aquamarine Ice Blue
Leaf Green Kiwi Deep Red Bubble Gum
Deep Red Hot Pink Metallic Gold Metallic Silver
Our bracelets widths and lengths are shown below
Thin Widths

Thin width 8",
overall dimensions: 8" x 3/8"- Closes to 6 1/2"

Thin width 9" Women's long or men's
overall dimensions: 9" x 3/8", Closes to 7 1/2

For a low cost, we offer branded gift boxes to give your order a store bought look. During the checkout process, there will be a comment area where you can leave your message for your gift card as well. We will also make sure that a gift receipt is included and will not show pricing.

Leather Mantra Bracelets for manifestation and meditation

A Mantra is a word or phrase that when focused on and repeated, is said to have transformational powers giving one the ability to manifest and teaching us that our lives are what our thoughts create. Our Mantras are from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language and have been used by Gurus and seekers for over 3000 years.

Want to create your own mantra bracelet?
Look at our Personalized bracelets!

Note: The meanings shown are basic,
much deeper meanings can be found with an internet search

looking for your favorite mantra? Email us, we are always looking for new designs!

This bracelet is only available in our "thin width" 3/8" width.

Price: 24.00 ea.
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