Bracelets with mindful sayings

While wearing your bracelet, a daily glance at your engraved personal message is like a gentle whisper or mantra, a constant reminder of where we want to go and who we want to become.:
Whether you are having a day of meaningful or mindfull thoughts, it's all good because you can wear one of each style - see our word bracelets! All Dillon Rogers products are individually handcrafted in Hollywood California.

Design note:

We feel that that each message should be personal, all about you and not necessarily for the world so each design is engraved off center and pushed to the bottom right of the bracelet not placed in the middle as it may look in some images. 

Available in chic fashion colors, two widths and three lengths.


Standard women's length closes to 6.5"
Women's long for larger wrists closes to 7.25"
Men's length closes to 7.5"

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