What is mindfulness?

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Mindfulness is about living in the moment and experiencing life as it unfolds in a non-judgmental manner:
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Mindfulness is about living fearlessly in the moment, observing not judging, life is NOW - live it now, don't let anything hold you back, be courageous, be conscious, be strong but never forget to be yourself!

Owning a Dillon Rogers "message of mindfulness" leather bracelet is like having a personal, wearable mantra that reminds you to slow down, think, focus, stay in your wise mind and become one with your surroundings. It's about identifying your goals, knowing your feelings and being able to move forward through life, one breathe at a time. We also think that you should look good while doing this so we created a super cool, quality leather accessory, in sophisticated fashion colors, that will last for year..... enjoy!

  ~ Dillon ~