Wide Width - Personalized Leather Bracelets

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Be creative and design your own Leather Bracelet. Create a beautiful quality, one of a kind, keepsake. Always a thoughtful gift for birthdays, an anniversary or something special for yourself…. You deserve it!:
This is our “Wide Width” ¾” style, other widths are also available. Just choose your options and enter your names or message or add any of our symbols, - instructions below.
Sizing: Our standard women's length fits wrists up to 6.5" - Our Women's long length fits up to 7.25". Men's length fits wrists up to 7.5":
Our wide width bracelets can be ordered with or without our semi- precious Serpentine beads at the closure. - see images.
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Create your own highly personalized leather bracelet, its simple, just look at the examples below. First, choose your font style, leather color and sizes above.
The next step is to simply write out your message and include any symbols that you may want by entering the symbol name with parentheses around it (like this) in your desired position. if you don't want symbols, simply write your names or message. 
We will copy upper and lower case text as well as any special characters or punctuation exactly how they were written, please note that font #1 is only available in upper case. If you are not 100% sure about something, please call or email or text us, we are here to help! 323-252-1115 or info@dillonrogers.com

We do have a couple of  design rules which apply, please see bottom of page*  

 Example one  (using font #1) 
Lets say you want the names Jackson and Sophia with a star in the middle. 
You would write it out like this: Jackson (4 point star) Sophia and we create this for you:

 Example two  (using font #2) 
Again using the names Jackson and Sophia but with a heart in the middle and the flourishes on both sides. You would write it like this:  (flourish 1)  Jackson (heart) Sophia (flourish 2)   what you created becomes : 


Example three  (using font #3)
Same names with a flower in the middle and the dots on both sides . You would write it like this:  (dot)  Jackson (flower) Sophia (dot)   what you created becomes: 


Example four (using font #4)
Getting fancy!  This one would be (heart) (Fleur di lis) Jackson (infinity) Sophia (butterfly) (crown) what you created becomes: 


 --------------------Design symbols below ------------------------


*Rules - you can only use one font style and font size on each bracelet, you may use up to approximately 60 characters which include symbols and spaces (does not include the name of the symbol). We will always add about 1 space between words and symbols you may add more spaces by using the (space) symbol. You may use any English keyboard character but please do not use special keyboard characters, these will not show up in our system. And remember, nothing is written in stone (leather in this case!) If you need a symbol or design that you don't see here, please contact us, we can most likely create it for you. 323-252-1115 or info@dillonrogers.com